Bonding with your dog

There is no greater joy than the unconditional love of a dog.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for an hour or for several days; your dog throws a party at the sight of you. As a pet owner, you have the privilege of returning that devotion every day. As we do at Doolittle’s Doghouse when caring for them for you while you are away!

Quality time with your pet is crucial.  If only for 10 minutes out of the day when you drop your phone, walk away from the computer or kitchen and focus strictly on your dog’s needs.  Does he like to play ball fetch, toy tug of war, snuggle or walk around the block? Whatever his needs are, give your undivided attention to him.

Training doesn’t end when your puppy learns to potty outside and stop chewing on furniture and fingers. Ideally, every dog should come when called, sit when asked, walk nicely on a leash and not jump on people. Tricks are cool if you want to take your dog training to another level. Shake, spin, roll over, play dead is cute on video and social media, yet most of us just want to keep to the basics with training for good canine citizenship. The more you train your dog, the stronger your bond becomes with him.

Dogs with good manners get to go on field trips and enjoy outdoor experiences with you and others. Our cage-free boarding service caters to dogs who can live harmoniously in a private home and nose to nose with other dogs.  Socialization is very important to ensure a balanced and socially confident canine.

Every dog needs exercise to alleviate boredom, frustration and with senior dogs, stiffer joints! Additionally, the mental stimulation from all those new and unique smells allows your dog to put their senses to work! Proper leash training is a must for dog owners.  While you may be able to control your reactive, lunging, car or bike chasing dog, when you need to hire a pet sitter, this may be problematic if they don’t possess super-human strength.

Separation anxiety is common, varying only by degree of seriousness.  Doolittle’s Doghouse offers “fur baby-sitting” (in a client’s home) for those dogs that cannot be left alone.  We have found that newly rescued dogs need time to adjust to their new life and are more prone to high anxiety.  Until an anxious dog can “crossover”, you can employ desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques to help dogs learn to be comfortable when home alone.  If you feel that calming aids will help your anxious pup, we recommend Dr. Becker’s Bites and Poli Pet products found on our pet store: https://www.doolittlesdoghouse.com/shop.

We’re here to help you in every way possible.  Just whistle our way!


Tori and Nannies