If you are like me, you want to do something special for your dog today! While every day with your furry loved ones should be celebrated, here are some ideas that have been shared with me and serve as a gentle reminder of the little things we can do that make a big difference :
Walk the Dog: Walking your dog shows them the world, keeps them active and healthy and also provides the daily mental stimulation they need.
Belly Rub: Simply taking a few extra minutes to acknowledge the ones at your feet will help both of you feel better! Belly rubs are FREE to give and go a LONG way in the comfort department.
Go Bye-Bye: Most dogs love car rides! Why not “treat” them with a trip to the pet store (to buy that special Valentine’s Day treat or a new toy! – Let them pick it out!)
Homemade Collar: Create a fun project for you and the kids too! Add craft items to your dog’s collar in red and pink and heart shapes to give your best friend a new look!
Play Time with Friends: Visit the dog park or coordinate a neighborhood gathering for extra special fun on Valentine’s Day — most dogs love to interact with a pack! If you don’t have time for the dog park, hire a doggie daycare professional to provide that pack environment for you!
Lots of kisses: Give your dog extra special love in the form of hugs and kisses — the sound of your kisses on their forehead mimics the sounds their mother used to make when they were puppies. It’s a warm memory you continue to make throughout their lives!
Training: Most dogs need a job to do. Make them sit, stay, or speak — for a treat!
Include Them: Our best friends are pack animals and want to be with us (their “pack”) at all times. Please remember to take them with you wherever you can whenever you can!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Doolittle’s Doghouse! Hope it’s extra special for all of you!
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