5 Tips for Pet Health Care & Safety for your Dog!

Authored by VetStreet’s Marty Becker (with our 2 “scents” added!)

1. Don’t allow your dog to become fat!

Veterinarians can’t stress this enough! Every day they see dogs in pain and owners who assume it’s just a consequence of aging. The pain of arthritis starts
earlier and is more severe in overweight dogs. While there are
medications to ease an arthritic dog’s pain, he may not need them if you keep
your dog’s weight at or slightly below ideal.

It should go without saying that a proper diet, coupled with plenty of exercise, goes a long way in keeping Fido fit and trim!  Hey, the exercise is good for us too!  If you can’t walk your dog, find a doggie daycare facility (preferably cage-free, with room to romp)!

Sit is a command for your dog and doesn’t mean your dog should be sitting all day!

With pet obesity on the rise, and the growing trend toward healthier dog food and treat choices, dog owners should be looking for natural foods that are low in fat and calories (and of course, made in the USA!).

Eliminating junk-food type treats should be another “ingredient” to responsible dog care and proper weight management. Fortunately, the gourmet pet-food market offers a wide array of grain and preservative-free items, as well as treats with no added additives, fillers or artificial flavorings

2. Don’t take your dog in the car without securing them first!

A loose dog can be a distraction to a driver, and in an accident, the dog can become airborne…do we need to say more?  Let them run loose (cage-free) in
the house, not the car!

Any car restraint product is better than none.  Consider a crate
of hard, high-impact plastic and secure it in or near the middle of the
“crumple zone”.

3. Do not let your dog off leash in open areas.

Very few dogs “come when called” or respond to an emergency “STAY” command when needed.  Additionally, a loose collar can
easily be slipped out of if your dog finds a reason to wiggle out of it.  Properly-fitted harnesses work very well in securing your dog while on leash.

4. Do not let your dog play with young kids without supervision.

According to Vetstreet training expert Mikkel Becker, too many stories exist about a dog who has bitten or killed a child, and in many of cases, adult supervision would have prevented such a tragedy.

Mikkel has put a bulletin board on Pinterest of “cute” pictures of kids interacting dangerously with dogs. The dogs are stressed, anxious and ready to snap!

In addition to ardent supervision, you must actively prevent your child(ren) from mauling, riding and pulling on your dog, even if Fido has been tolerant in the past.

5. Don’t give “people meds” to your dog without checking with your Vet first

Many over-the-counter medications aren’t safe for your dog. Check with your veterinarian, even if you’ve used an over-the-counter med on your pet before — there may be drug interactions you’re not fully aware of.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution!  Be safe and happy!


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