Human flu season occurs every year, but did you know that DOGS can get the flu too?  Canine influenza virus (CIV) is a unique strain of the flu that causes influenza in dogs.

Since most dogs have no natural immunity to the virus, almost every dog that comes in contact with the virus could get the flu. Most cases are mild, yet some dogs develop more severe disease.

Even though we can’t spread our flu to dogs (or vice versa) canine flu can spread quickly from one dog to another via sneezing, coughing, or
dog-to-dog contact. That’s why social dogs that spend time at doggy daycares,
dog parks, and boarding facilities are more susceptible to infection.

The signs of canine influenza are similar to those of other respiratory diseases
like Bordetella (also known as canine cough). If your dog’s lifestyle already merits vaccination against Bordetella, he/she is a likely candidate for CIV vaccination.

Find out more about canine influenza and how to protect your dog at www.mypet.com/dogflu.

Tori Levitt, Owner, Doolittle’s Doghouse-cage-free boarding in Arizona




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