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If you’re like most pet owners, you feel as if there is nothing you wouldn’t do for your pet when they’re sick or injured. Rushing a sick pet down to the veterinarian’s office is instinctive, but it can also be very expensive.

Would you even hesitate paying a $2,000 surgery bill with your pet lying on the table?

What if you didn’t have $2,000 lying around? What would you be prepared to do?

Not willing to consider the unthinkable, an increasing number of American pet owners are turning to some of the best pet insurance companies to cover the rising cost of veterinary care.

Since 1982, the pet insurance industry in the United States has grown by more than 10 percent annually, taking in about $550 million a year in premiums.

The growth in pet insurance premiums has coincided with the pace of veterinary costs, which keeps rising with the medical advancements in veterinary care. Yet, less than 1 percent of the country’s 174 million dogs and cats are covered under a pet insurance policy.

In this guide on pet insurance, we help address these issues – providing a clear explanation of the best pet insurance options, how they work, what they cover, what to look for in a policy, how much they cost, and whether they are actually worth the cost.

The 9 Best Pet Insurance Providers for Dogs and Cats

As a pet owner, there is probably nothing you wouldn’t do to keep your pet healthy, even if it meant spending money you didn’t have. With veterinary costs increasing by as much as 10% per year in some places, U.S. pet owners may be reaching a tipping point, which is why a growing number are turning to some of the best pet insurance companies. The good news is there are plenty of pet insurers to choose from; the bad news is buying pet insurance for your pet’s needs can be a challenge. Pet insurance policies are not standardized and the range of options and exclusions makes it difficult to compare plans.

For example, some policies only cover treatment for accidental injuries, while others cover both accidents and illnesses. Then there are the exclusions, deductibles, payout limits, and waiting periods, which can vary widely from one plan to the next. It makes shopping for human health insurance seem simple by comparison.

This overview of the best pet insurance companies may help you narrow down your choices so you can focus on the ones best suited for your pet.

1. Pets Best

Pets Best Pet Insurance has been offering pet insurance for cats and dogs since 2005. Of all the pet insurers, it may offer the best pet insurance plans for the overall well-being of your pets. In addition to its standard coverage for accidents and illnesses, Pets Best offers two tiers of wellness packages that cover routine care and treatments. Pets Best policies are underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company and it has an A+ rating from the BBB.

2. Trupanion

If you are looking for unlimited pet insurance, Trupanion can be a good fit for you and your pet. You might also like Trupanion because they offer a single plan. Simplicity and lifetime insurance are the bedrock principles of Trupanion, and they could be the reason you choose them.

3. Healthy Paws

Founded in 2009, Healthy Paws is a perennial top choice among pet owners for its unlimited lifetime benefits, annual deductible and its excellent customer service – three very important components for one of the best pet insurance companies. Healthy Paws insurance is underwritten by The Chubb Group and has earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

For a no-obligation and free quote, see the Healthy Paws link on our website @ shop.  Just by clicking on their site, without making a purchase, Healthy Paws will donate toward a homeless pet’s medical care.  Paw it forward!

 4. Embrace

If pet insurers were measured by customer satisfaction alone, Embrace Pet Insurance would have a strong case for being the best pet insurance company. Embrace sold its first policy in 2006 and, while it doesn’t offer the cheapest premiums, its coverage is broad and its flexibility allows customers to more easily tailor benefits to their need and budget. Embrace policies are underwritten by American Modern Insurance Group and it is rated A+ by the BBB.

5. Petplan

Petplan was founded in 2003 and has ranked highly among pet insurance companies ever since. With its comprehensive coverage and flexibility in customizing deductibles, reimbursement percentages, and benefit limits, Petplan offers maximum control over premium and coverage options. Petplan insurance is underwritten by AGCS Marine Insurance Co. and is rated A+ by BBB.


While the ASPCA is primarily known for their efforts in combating animal homelessness and animal cruelty, they have also licensed their name to C&F Insurance Agency, Inc. to offer pet insurance. If you want insurance from one of the oldest pet insurance providers, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance could be a solid choice.

7.  Nationwide

Nationwide Insurance started the pet insurance movement when it issued the very first policy on the world’s most famous canine – Lassie. That was in 1981. Since then Nationwide Pet Insurance (formerly VPI) has become the country’s largest pet insurer, and is the only insurer in the U.S. that offers coverage for exotic pets, such as birds, iguanas, rodents, tortoises and pot belly pigs. Policies are underwritten by Nationwide Casualty Co. and the company is A+ rated by A.M. Best.

8. Figo

Figo Pet Insurance might appeal to the more tech-savvy pet owners. It was founded in 2012 as part of Google’s Tech Hub Network with a focus on innovation and technology in bringing pet insurance to more pet owners. Its policies are underwritten by the Markel American Insurance Company and it has an A+ rating from the BBB.

9. PetFirst

PetFirst has been offering pet insurance for cats and dogs since 2004. What sets PetFirst apart from the others is the absence of waiting periods for hip dysplasia coverage, and accident coverage starts just 24 hours after enrollment. PetFirst should be favored by pet owners with older pets because they have no upper age limits. PetFirst policies are underwritten by American Alternative Insurance Corp. and it is A+ rated by the BBB.

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Enjoy each day with your pets in good health and happiness!



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