Our Lexi is a rescue who was very shy and scared of people and other dogs before she started enjoying Doggy Day Care with Jacqueline (“Jacquie”). While we wanted to socialize her it was difficult to find quality opportunities where she was exposed to a variety of dogs and people in a safe environment. We found this environment with Jacquie.

Jacquie specializes in bigger breeds and has turned Lexi around 180 degrees. Our neighbors have even commented on how much calmer and well adjusted she seems. In fact, along with Lexi, we’ve recently been able to enjoy brunch on the patio with friends at a local eatery. This would have been impossible before spending time at Jacquie’s! We feel very lucky to have a safe, fun, exciting space for her to learn how to interact in the pack and with people. Thanks Jacquie for all your work with Lexi!!

Ken Sannes

We have been pleased to be able to have our dog, Jackson, stay with you and your son Nash.

I know there are other good kennels, but your house allows dogs to play with each other rather than be in a cage for most of the day. What a difference!

Our dog, like many, spends 99% of his time exclusively with human beings. His stays with you allow him to experience life with his own kind.

Herb and Marti Nagel

In a nutshell Tori is amazing! We have left our dog, Zoe, with her for short trips and trips that have lasted a couple of months. No matter the length of stay we have always known that Zoe is in the best hands and is getting consistent care. Tori offers personal touches that you just can’t get from the big dog resorts. You will leave knowing that your dog is loved, safe and happy! When we arrive at Tori’s House Zoe jumps out of the car and runs right to the door without looking back. Secretly, I get a little jealous sometimes……she’s that good.

Phyllis Drumm

I want to acknowledge and congratulate DOOLITTLE’S DOGHOUSE and their nanny, Jamee Balvin and family, who lovingly took care of my two dogs for 6 weeks. Not only was the day-to-day care exemplary it also included driving the dogs to San Diego Airport and dropping them off at Hawaiian Air Cargo for travel to Honolulu. In order for this to occur, a long list of instructions had to be followed exactly; date driven, as required by the Department of Agriculture and Hawaiian Airlines. If not done correctly several grim outcomes could have occurred: they would not be allowed on the flight, returned to San Diego from Honolulu and/or quarantined.
Both Doolittle’s Doghouse and Nanny Jamee kept me informed on how the dogs were doing and shared with me nice experiences they had with the dogs. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was picking them up at the airport and seeing them for the first time in Hawaii. I could tell they had been well taken care of by their coat, weight and eyes. I thought it was funny that when I let them out of their kennels, rather than jumping on me first, they jumped on each other! They are litter mates and never been separated so they were so happy to see each other. Then I got lots of kisses!
We are all back together and doing well thanks to the great service and coordination of Doolittle’s and Jamee. Now my dogs have to get used to a rambunctious 3 year old running around (my grandson)! If you are looking for a professional and caring dog service, you have come to the right place. Thank you Doolittle’s DOGHOUSE!

Chris Smith