Flying with Fido Flying with Fido?
Traveling can be stressful, for you and your pets!


Unless they fit under your seat, the ASPCA recommends pet owners not fly their animal. If you are doggedly determined, see tips below:
(1).  Get a Vet check-up, update vaccinations and get a health certificate!
(2). Ensure that Fido has a microchip for i.d. and wears his collars/tags.


(2) a. Include the destination name, address & number
(3). Book a direct flight if possible!
(4). Buy a crate that allows Fifi to stand, sit & turn around comfortably.


(5). Write “Live Animal” all over the crate. Use arrows to highlight the upright position!
(6). Line the bottom to absorb accidents.



(7). Tape your pet’s photo to the crate. (You should also carry a photo).
(8). The night before, freeze a dish of water. Then it can’t spill during loading, and will melt by the time he’s thirsty.
(9). Tape a pouch of dried food outside the crate. Then, airline personnel can feed her if she gets hungry (on longer flights or layovers).
(10). Tranquilizing is not recommended, as it could hamper breathing. Check with your Vet first!
Consider leaving your pet at home with a qualified pet-care provider!  Call us for cage-free “staycation” options with one of our private nannies!  480-907-6400


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