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Since 2008, Doolittle’s Doghouse has provided pampered pet care for our furry clients. We offer these pet-related products for the humans at the end of the leash.


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Pet Food & Treats

Chewy offers an on-line marketplace for convenient shopping from 1,000’s of featured and popular brands of Pet Food & Treats. Find your favorite dry, wet or raw food sources for all ages and breeds, including special diet formulas. You’re just a click away from your pet’s nutritional supplies arriving at your door!

Raw Paws Pet Food is a high-quality store of frozen pet food in addition to freeze-dried & grain-free kibble, tasty food toppers, chews, supplements and more. Feeding pets the way nature intended, with 100% natural products and no preservatives or fillers.  If you care to serve only the best to your dogs and cats, shop the on-line aisles here.

Signature Blend Complete Beef & Tripe for Dogs & Cats, 1 lb
Freeze Dried Complete Duck Pet Food for Dogs & Cats, 16 oz
6-inch Green Beef Tripe Sticks

Raw Wild’s purpose is to deliver extraordinary pet food for those who seek a healthier path for their dog or cat’s nutritional needs. Many dog foods are full of growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and junky fillers.  Raw Wild is made from 99.4% organic wild Elk & Venison and .6% vitamins and minerals. A completely raw diet is the best if not a bold adventure for pet parents.  If you’re ready to go raw, here’s your go-to source.

EcoKind Pet Treats offers hand-picked, all-natural treats that are USDA and FDA approved. For bundled deals and big chewers, EcoKind bully sticks, chews and bones are packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins and no additives, preservatives or chemicals. Confident with your dog’s satisfaction, all purchases are 100% guaranteed.

“Split” Grade A Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews
100% Natural Bully Sticks – USA Made, FDA and USDA Approved!
EcoKind Pet Treats – Braided Bully Sticks For Dogs – All Natural Dog Chew Stick

Pet Wellness

Poli Pet products are scientifically designed to address immune system challenges in our pets. Common issues pets suffer from include anxiety, vision loss, unexplained health conditions, skin allergies and digestion and thyroid imbalances. We highly recommend Poli Pet as an important addition to your pet’s health care plan.

Curious about pet health insurance? Check out Embrace Pet Insurance for a FREE quote and more information. All of your pet’s unexpected accidents & illnesses are covered with Embrace’s one simple yet comprehensive pet insurance plan. Personalize your policy by selecting the annual maximum, annual deductible, and reimbursement percentage that fit your budget and needs.

Embark Vet offers accurate and scientific Dog DNA testing to help you decode your dog’s ancestry. Every breed and individual dog is unique, including yours! Want to learn more about your dog’s lineage to better understand and care for him? Embark Vet is the world leader in dog genetics. Order a trait test here.

Pet Wellbeing offers all-natural supplements for effective pet treatment of over 120 dog and cat ailments. Their team of veterinarians, naturopaths and doctors deliver over a century of experience caring for animals. Every single batch sold is tested to ensure the highest quality and potency. Cruise their vast on-line store for your pet’s holistic health needs from A-Z.

Premium Holistic Formula for Dogs & Puppies
Old Friend for Senior Dogs

Mauro Spina, one of Beverly Hills top hairstylists, has expertly created a gentle blend of vegan ingredients, botanicals and essential oils to soothe and enhance the natural beauty, health and shine of your dog’s coat. These organic grooming pet products include leave-in sprays and body wash treatments for flea & tick, itch relief, facial cleansers and overall bathing elegance.

Black and Grey Dog Body Wash
Flea & Tick Body Wash
Itch Relief Dog Body Wash

Delivering on-line pet health to your door! This pet pharmacy of products is Vet owned and operated with everyday low prices and solutions for your pet’s symptoms. Working in concert with your home Veterinarian, VetApprovedRX can help fill prescriptions and over-the-counter pet medicines and supplements.

Founded in 2015, HempMy Pet is a hemp oil production company using strictly organic farming methods, creating only the highest-quality human grade formulations for pets; made in the USA. They grow their own hemp and handle the entire process from “seed to sale”, using only one type of hemp grown specifically for its medicinal properties. HempMyPet offers free shipping on all orders. Visit their menu of CBD oils and biscuits by clicking the BUY NOW button.

Organic Wellness Bundle – Small

Certified Organic Coconut Oil Infused with Organically Grown Colorado CBD Hemp Extract
Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Organically Grown Colorado CBD Hemp Extract

King Kanine’s mission is to promote pet wellness inside and out; by providing owners with the highest quality organic CBD products for pets. They offer CBD oils, topicals and treats for pet wellness. See more by clicking the BUY NOW button.

KING KALM™ Soothe For Pets
KING KALM™ CBD 75mg – Small Size Dog & Cat Formula
KING KALM™ Balm – Dog Paw Balm

Toys & Accessories

Aromatherapy candles made just for your pup! These inexpensive, natural and gently scented candles are sure to calm both you and your dog, and also make great gifts for your dog-owning friends. Cleverly packaged and made in the U.S.A.

Petcube Camera Play 2 & Bites 2 provides security for your pet and home with smart alerts, video history and smart speaker enabled features. This interactive pet camera keeps you connected to your fur babies, including the entertainment features for laser tag play or treat toss (Bites 2), via a simple, wireless system tagged to your Smartphone or Android.

Furbo Dog Camera lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog from anywhere…even when you’re home and need “hands-free” entertainment for your dog (and you!)

You can use treat tossing as a distraction for situations like anxious pacing, licking or barking. And, with real-time smart alerts, Furbo will alert you when your dog is active so you know what’s going on.

We love this pet shop for unique, must-have accessories for dog and cat owners. From pet carriers and totes, to dog walking harnesses (with added car restraint functions) or self-warming pet beds, Fur Haven has your beloved covered.

Car Safety Clip
ThermapNAP™ Plush Velvet Self-Warming Pet Bed Mat

Cat Scratching Post & IQ Busy Box

Doggie Lawn provides your dog’s backyard in a box! Fresh potty grass delivered to your door for convenient and eco-friendly potty relief. Better than pee pads or artificial grass for both indoor/outdoor use. Doggie Lawn has a subscription program for all sizes.

Bark Potty is made of real bark and contains the natural smells that compel dogs to “go.” The proprietary bark naturally neutralizes odors and one Bark Potty replaces up to 60 pee pads. You not only save money, you save the climate with reduced landfill waste.

Fitbark GPS & Fitbark 2 products focus on health and location tracking of your dog’s activities (sold separately). Fitbark GPS allows you to track your dog’s daily whereabouts along with 24/7 activity and sleep monitoring to detect subtle changes in health behavior to share with your family vet. Fitbark 2 is an activity monitor that syncs with your personal health devices so you stay fit together, even when swimming!

PUPJOY Entertainment Boxes are filled with natural and organic treats, chews, toys and hand-picked accessories delivered to your door. Personalize your pup’s joy by clicking on the BUY NOW button.

Whistle products combine both tracking and fitness health monitoring in one device.

Get notified by email, text or app when your pet leaves a designated safe place; whether it’s with the dog walker or a sneaky side-door escape. Whistle uses real-time GPS tracking to quickly find your lost dog. The built-in health monitoring feature will detect changes in your dog’s behavior for pro-active coordination with your family vet. Tracking and health monitoring made easy for your complete peace of mind.

Petmate offers a warehouse of dog products and supplies for all your pet’s necessities. Find everything you need from bringing home a new puppy to caring for your senior dog. From every day feeding and water bowls to puppy training crates and orthopedic dog beds, Petmate offers quality and top-name pet products for your ease and convenience under one large roof.

Shaya, a NYC based designer offers luxe pet carriers, leashes and “clean up” purses in partnership with Italian artisans for the ultimate in craftsmanship and materials. If you feel the urge to splurge, this is the place for uncompromised luxury.

Clean Up Purse
Sasha Leash – Embossed Yellow & Black
Blush Shaya Pet Carrier


Pro Pet Hero

Pet First Aid & CPR Online Training

This valuable 1.5 hour course is a must for all pet owners! Pro Pet Hero will teach you first aid techniques to address common emergencies with pets. Learn how to detect early warning signs and abnormalities. You will also learn about essential pre-vet care and life-saving techniques that can make all the difference. Use our special discount code at check-out: CPR-DOOLITTLE’S DOGHOUSE

Ian Dunbar Top DogTraining

We love these courses from the Dunbar Academy; a treasure trove of valuable and easy-to-follow dog training modules with oodles of helpful tips for every pet owner.

Ian Dunbar has given over 1000 seminars and workshops around the world and is renowned for his dog training techniques with a positive reinforcement approach! From Puppy Training to Behavior Problems, Games and Now-What questions answered…and more! You gotta check this out!

The World According to Dog


Our book is a humorous depiction of life lessons that only dogs can teach. “The World According to Dog” answers many questions about why dogs do what they do. There’s a hidden treasure inside each dog, waiting to be unlocked. Our book will give you the key.

"Tori writes with deep understanding of our dogs emotional and physical health, their undivided love for their pet parents, as well as their ability to provide us with sanity and healing we never expected. Writing from the heart, Tori tells stories of her canine guests over the years, often amusing, each however, special with its own story. Your takeaway from Tori's book is huge as she covers puppyhood to Seniors, how to train, entertain and care for, feed and nurture at all stages your canine family member and finally how to let go and allow a peaceful passing.This is a 5 Star Book!!"