If you're seeking a first class nanny for your beloved fur child then Doolittles is for you!  The owner, Tori has a trusted network of nannies and is your personal concierge to provide the best match for your dog.  She spent a good deal of time with me by phone, going over every detail of what I require for my two toy poodles.  She then selected a wonderful nanny, Maria to care for them while I was away for a few days.  After a brief meet & greet, I agreed that Maria was the one. Throughout their stay in her home, she sent me thoughtful updates and photos. Overall, this is a more personalized service than the online sitter networks, since Tori is there to help you.  I was very impressed and enthusiastically recommend Doolittles to all the doggie helicopter moms like me!

    thumb Marléne B.

      We used this service for several years with great results.  Charlene who was our usual sitter became a friend and very trusted person.  Unfortunately recently we needed a fill for a few days and Joe came in.  We have a ring system that covers ALL exits of our home.  We have him on video hollering in very negative manner and in 3 days NOT one time of walking our dogs.  He tried to lie his way out and Tory the owner defended him even with our video proof.  We then had another unfortunate incident that again we have proof but Tory or her group are never wrong.  And be careful she can be vindictive.  If you can get Charlene you will be very happy but avoid Tory.

    thumb Dan V.

      We were coming into Scottsdale for our anniversary and needed to find a reliable pet sitter for our new little rescue dog.  Tori was very quick to respond and within a few days had made arrangements to set us up with the perfect dog sitter.  From the moment we met her, Mary-Mike treated our little BeeBee like she was her very own!  She sent us pics and text messages everyday. It was so comforting to know our dog was in such a caring and loving environment.  We have already scheduled another visit several months from now. I couldn't be more appreciative of how responsive Tori was in ensuring our needs were met, and for introducing us to our new friend and most wonderful dog nanny, Mary-Mike!

    thumb Dawn K.

      Doolittles dog house goes above and beyond to take car of our babies. We had to go to an event at Westworld and Tori baby sat for our two pups. They liked it at Tori's house so much they didn't want to leave. We will definitely use Doolittles again.

    thumb Eric F.

      As an update to my earlier review. It took this business owner 3 months (!) to respond to my review. The apology comes late and without any grounding as we have used another service for the last 3 months with no problems and they actually assisted us in socializing our pup with less dogs and the "dog sitter" actually being home during the stay. Thanks for the reduction in fees Tori, but money wasn't the issue, having a restful vacation without constant badgering about how bad our dog was is the issue. Best wishes.

    thumb Larsen L.

      I'm so happy I found this business. We recently adopted a very anxious heeler who doesn't care to meet most people. She's a nervous wreck most places we go and if she's left in a crate for more than a few short hours she will absolutely destroy it. We needed a plan for Sunday's- the one day a week we both work. I was nervous for our initial play date with Mary, because I didn't know how our girl Dizzy would respond. She LOVED bring at her house and was instantly playing and completely at ease. Mary is a joy and even bought Dizzy her own toy. I can't say enough kind words about her. She asked me lots of questions, what kind of treats can she give her, and always asked if it was okay if she did anything. I'm a pretty lenient dog mom, but I absolutely respect her wanting to make sure I was okay with everything. I'm a vet tech, so from one animal professional to another, thank you soooo much for taking good care of my angel and relieving my anxiety about leaving her!!

    thumb Mirtica A.

      To be terribly honest, I don't know if I will be able to have babies "the good old fashioned way." But God has not left my life empty, by any means. He gave me two sweet pups, who were rescues, one of whom has epilepsy, a seizure disorder. And they have given me a reason to live. I do not exaggerate. I have PTSD from an abusive relationship, and I would have given up if not for my two miracles.

    So with little angels like these, who do you go to, when you have to travel and they have to stay home? Especially after a couple of nightmare situations with other boarding/sitters?

    For my husband and I, it was as easy as contacting Tori, the "pack leader" at Doolittle's. Speaking with her on the phone and via email, I really felt she understood what my husband and I needed and more importantly, what our babies needed. She has a large pack of humans who work with her, for whatever your fur kids will need. Whether it's someone to come and check on your babies, take them into their home for sleep overs and hiking, or someone to come into your home to love on the pups in their natural environments, her people do it all!!!

    After several facebook rants about the frustrations with finding someone who can fulfill the basics of what the doggies needed, our family and friends were also overjoyed to hear the news, of us finding a reliable team who truly will care for our babies as much as we do, and I am thrilled beyond what I've expressed here.

    thumb Marie R.

      I'm beyond thrilled with Tori for putting together such a wonderful group of dog lovers and offering this truly life changing service! Our nannies, Indrani and Jean & Don have been fantastic! Everyone has always been so accommodating and really go above and beyond to be there for us, even on last minute notice and flip flopping dates!

    Our 12 year old pom has separation anxiety and barks non stop when we leave the house. He will bark until he has laryngitis- that bad. He was diagnosed with heart failure last May. The barking is very hard on his heart. Luckily I work from home but it made it hard for me to feel okay leaving him even for short periods of time. Simple things like shopping or going out for dinner was hard to do (yes I love my dog that much, he's my kid). I looked into daycares and saw room full of dogs learning bad habits (peeing all over the cement floor) and all the did was non stop bark.

    Being able to drop him off at a home and have a 'nanny' that will be with him for the day gives us our freedom back. He is happy hanging out and being with people. We love the videos and pics we get throughout the day. We can see our pup has a second family of sorts. He's stayed with Indrani so many times they have really bonded and I can tell he just loves her and her husband 🙂

    I highly recommend Doolittle's Dog House and I can't thank you enough for the peace of mind you give us when we leave our Dakota for his play dates!

    thumb Lindsay M.

      The Doolittle's Doghouse team is helpful, friendly, knowledgable, and goes above and beyond to make sure they're providing pets with the best care possible. I love that they offer home-based sitting as opposed to the typical boarding kennels.

    I initially chatted with the owner, Tori, about our need for an in-home pet sitter. And once she heard about our challenges getting our little rescue dog socialized, she provided several suggestions, and set us up with Cori, one of her nannies who lives near us and has a therapy dog. We've already had a successful play date and hope to have many more! We didn't think it would ever be possible.

    We also had one of the nannies, Charlene, stay in our home with our dog while we were away, and that was a wonderful experience as well. We got updates from her about our little girl and I was totally confident she was in good hands.

    I can't say enough good things about my experience with Doolittle's Doghouse!

    thumb Amy L.

      We have used the service on a number of occasions, mostly with T and Jim. They were so good to our dogs, really treated our little pups as their own. And they were always flexible with our schedule. It was a perfect match. I highly recommend this service.

    thumb Jim F.