We take our relationships seriously. We care about you and your furry family members. We advocate not only cage-free boarding, yet also endorse these pet products for their panache and promotion of your pet’s health and happiness.

Other resources below include our community partners who are equally dedicated to all things pet.

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Petcube Camera – Remote interaction with your pets

Petcube is the award-winning interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to and play with your pets remotely from your smartphone. Stay connected and keep your furry loved ones entertained with a game of laser tag, or watch and talk to them while you are away. Petcube operates on a simple, wireless system connected to your Smartphone or Android. The app is easy to download, with other options including sharing with your friends and other pet lovers. Get $15 off your purchase through Doolittle’s Doghouse: http://mbsy.co/petcube/toril

Trudog – All things true to a dog’s health

Shop for uber healthy food, treats, supplements, dental and breath sprays, ear care, and fun accessories for your furry loved ones: TRUDOG is a shopping experience worth the visit.

Fitbark – “Fitbit” for dogs

Fitbark is a dog activity and sleep monitor to help you gauge physical activity and rest levels 24/7. This collar device will help you set exercise goals and share the data with your Veterinarian.


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attaches to your pet’s collar, allowing you to locate your pet in minutes and track their daily activity on your phone.



PupJoy Boxes are filled with natural and organic treats, chews, toys and accessories from artisan brands, all hand selected to your needs and delivered to your door!

Happy Tails | PupJoy
Healthy Paws – Insurance for your pet

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers everything that matters, including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, emergency care with unlimited life-time benefits. Get a free quote and Healthy Paws will donate toward a homeless pet’s medical care. Healthy Paws cares about your pet’s health and homeless pet’s too!


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Peaceful Passing – Hospice and in-home euthanasia

In-home euthanasia is the last and final gift you can give your pet. Peaceful Passing Hospice and In-home Euthanasia believes that every pet deserves a peaceful passing in a loving and safe environment. There is no better place than the warmth and familiar surroundings of their own home.

“Saying good-bye can be the most painful way of showing your love. Make the passage easier with a gentle journey provider to hold your hand and your pet’s paws”

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There is no bad dog! At Doolittle’s Doghouse, we embrace our guests as unconditionally as dogs embrace us. From time to time, professional training assistance is helpful in the overall promotion of balance, social confidence and good manners. We recommend the following dog trainers who advocate force-free and positive-reinforcement instruction.

AZ Dog Sports – Dog Training & Educational Academy
Pet Behavior Solutions – Edu-Care for Dogs


Be Kind to Dogs – Teach your dog good behavior for life!

What Dogs Want Activity Boxes – Entertainment in a box

Daily mental stimulation is crucial to a dog’s sense of balance, instincts and an important boredom buster. What dogs want (and need) can be found in a monthly “activity box”. Carefully packaged by professional trainers and enrichment experts, this unique subscription box service comes with instructions so you can enjoy the activities with your dog. Buy now @



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