Hi, I am Jeri. I retired from a government job and working my dream job, entertaining dogs. Our household is just us two: my husband, Mike, a retired police sergeant and lots of open space – inside and out – for furry guests. We are located near the White Tank’s Mountains on 2 acres. We have two fenced, grassy areas for dogs to romp, chase birds and rabbits or gaze at the horses, cows, and goats nearby. The backyard and pasture is 1 ¼ acres. There is a fenced pool for warm weather play for dogs that like the water. I also offer agility equipment for the adventurous.
I have been around dogs my whole life, and believe dogs need to have their bodies and minds exercised every day. And yes, I talk to the animals so Doolittle’s is a terrific fit.

If weather doesn’t permit outside play, I have been known to put the tunnel and tire up in the great room to create an interesting game of fetch. Our furniture is dog friendly if yours are allowed on it but we can enforce a “no furniture” rule.

It would be my goal to keep your “kids” so loved and busy they hardly know you’re gone. We hope your next vacation includes a fun-filled vacation for your dogs in our home.