pet care tips in fall weather


Following a hot, dry summer, the beginning of fall is welcome!  As you prepare for seasonal changes, keep the following in mind to ensure safe pet care.

Colder weather has many effects on our pets. They need to eat more to regulate body heat and offset what is (hopefully) increased exercise as you walk your dog more.

Chilly, wet weather aggravates arthritis, common in overweight and senior dogs. Consider adding joint supplements to your dog’s diet.  We recommend Pet Wellbeing for their natural supplements, found in our Pet Store in the Pet Wellness section @ https://doolittlesdoghouse.com/shop/ Consult with your Vet, particularly if you notice stiffness, limping or lack of interest in exercise.

Snakes begin their hibernation in winter and may be particularly crabby if encountered.  Rats and mice are also looking for shelter from the wintery cold. If you live in an area prone to rats, especially around citrus trees, be careful about the use of rat poison.  If a dog or cat were to ingest rodenticide, it can be life-threatening to them.  If these unwelcome rodents are in your neighborhood, talk to your neighbors about other methods of eradication, or at least be aware of what treatments they are employing.  Outdoor cats would be especially vulnerable.

When walking your dog, avoid allowing him to romp and sniff in piles of leaves. Leaves harbor mold and bacteria when wet. Those microorganisms, if ingested, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

Other forms of unwanted organisms include mushrooms.  More prevalent this time of year, most are harmless.  A small percentage, however, can be toxic if ingested. Unless you are a mycologist, best to simply avoid all mushrooms. Just keep an eye on the fungi!

With shorter daylight hours, consider walking your dog with reflective lighting.  Always walk them on a leash (harness is better) to ensure control.  A dog in flight at night may not be seen by passing motorists.

Lastly, short-coated dogs get colder so may benefit by outer wear.  We also represent Chewy.com with over 3,000 pet products including dog clothes! See our Chewy link in our Pet Store: https://doolittlesdoghouse.com/shop/

As always, have fun, be safe and hugs,


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