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Doolittle’s Doghouse has the distinct pleasure of hosting dogs in the private homes of its nannies….cage-free boarding at its best, as we cater to the specific needs of each dog in our care.

The extra special experiences include our dog guests with special needs.

As a salute to those special dogs who are blind, we offer 10 tips (below) from Blind Dog Rescue.

Blind Dog Rescue’s mission is to rescue blind dogs, help owners of blind dogs, and educate the world about how wonderful these dogs can be as animal companions. In the seven years that the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance has existed, they’ve saved nearly 500 visually- impaired dogs from shelters. Visit their website @ http://www.blinddogrescue.org/

We applawd their efforts!

Another great article and resource for living with blind dogs: http://www.blinddogsupport.com/the-top-10-rules-for-living-with-a-blind-dog/

Blind Dog Support offers forums and other Pet Parent resources, including Pet Products, on their site.

10 tips for In-Your-Home Pet Care with a sight-challenged dog:

(1). Put jingling tags or bells on other dogs, so your blind dog will know where they are.

(2). Wear a jingling bell yourself, so your blind dog can find you.

(3). Do not re-arrange the furniture. Blind dogs will learn where things are.

(4). Use scented oils or perfumes to spray items your blind dog could bump into.

(5). Maintain consistent routines, especially with meal times and placement of bowls.

(6). Feed your blind dog in the same place with rugs under the bowls. When they feel the texture change, they will know where bowls are. Add a rug by the door to the outside so your blind dog will know when she is nearing her “restroom”.

(7). Keep your dog in a special place, laundry room or bedroom, when no one is home (to minimize navigation of the house alone).

(8). For blind dogs with intact hearing, clap your hands and/or stomp your feet when you want to get her attention.

(9). Make sure all hazards are removed from the home (such as sharp-edged tables). You may need to get down on all fours to gain perspective from your dog’s level.

(10). When introducing blind dogs to a new space or a new home, scatter kibble throughout, so they can navigate those new areas by scent.

If you own a blind dog, and have additional tips or stories to share, please add your two “scents” (comments) below. We want to hear from you!



note: above photo of blind dog found on Blind Dog Support website. Isn’t he/she gorgeous?

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