We are always looking for qualified pet-care providers to join our nanny family

We get close to our guests!

If you want to get close with us, please review our criteria & next step suggestions:

CRITERIA FOR IN-YOUR-HOME BOARDING: You must live in a home and/or apartment/condo community that allows pet guests. If you own a dog(s), they must be socialized and accept other dogs on their turf. Young children (2-legged household critters) should be mature and extremely sensitive to animals with a past history of animal care. You cannot be employed outside of the home for more than 4 hours (part-time jobs are o.k.; full-time office jobs aren’t, unless you are hired by us for weekends and long holidays only).

Experience with pet care and/or long-term pet ownership required. Dog guests must be allowed to live with you cage-free; all day/night! Outdoor supervision of pets is required at all times. You must be able to provide excellent references and allow an initial in-home interview and inspection of your home.

Reliable transportation and basic tech skills are helpful. You must be in good health with reasonable mobility. No age restrictions; yet maturity and responsibility must be present in the interview. Marital status irrelevant (spouses and significant others must also agree to hosting other people’s pets).

CRITERIA FOR IN-THE-PARENT’S HOME: In addition to experience with pet care and/or long-term pet ownership, our Move-In nannies must be super reliable, mature, punctual and have dependable transportation and navigation skills (or GPS) equipment for ease of travel around town. You will be responsible for pet care (all types) and minor household chores as needed.

You cannot be gone longer than 4 hours (at a time) from the Pet Parent’s residence and must pass a criminal background check. You will be asked for professional references as well.

If this is YOU, call: 480-907-6400 to schedule an interview. We want to share our “dog love” with you and our exclusive clients.