Home is where we feel safe

Home is where we feel safest!

For optimum pet insurance for household safety, please consider the following “ordinary” items that have unsuspecting risk to your pets:

Paper shredders – with more at-home offices, paper shredders are a new hazard for pets.  Cats like to walk on top of them (and possibly get caught) and a curious puppy’s nose or tongue can get stuck in a running fold.  Best practice is to keep it turned off and out of paw’s reach.

Doors –Both small and active dogs might get a paw or tail caught in the swinging motion of a heavy door yet worse, an open door to the outside is an invitation for “dog on the run”.  Please make sure your doors and dogs are secure.  All household pets should be properly collared with current ID information and/or micro-chipped.

Recliners – Most pets will think a recliner is a fun place to hide…until someone sits or rocks with a pet underfoot.  Just take a quick pet peek before you recline.

Trash cans – any owner of a Lab or Beagle will tell you that their trash cans are NEVER accessible (always kept locked away).  From bones to ribbons, coffee grounds to dental floss, the inadvertent consumption is an intestinal nightmare or emergency trip to the Vet.

Medicine cabinet –human medications aren’t always safe for your pet.  Please discuss all medications and dosage with your Veterinarian in advance.
And make sure you keep your meds out of reach!

Glues and cleaners – Dogs will lick almost anything! Cleaning products can cause severe burns. Glues, such as Gorilla® Glue, expand in the stomach causing obstructions that require surgery.

Laundry items – Dogs will follow their nose everywhere and dirty clothes have interesting smells to them.  In many instances, socks, pantyhose and underwear have been eaten causing life-threatening obstructions and/or surgical removal. If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, he may be eating your soiled stuff to get attention or burn off frustration.

Hanging and choking – while we offer cage-free boarding for our guests at Doolittle’s Doghouse, some dogs are crated when left alone in their own home.  Please remove their collars before placing them unattended in a crate.

Electrical wires – this goes without saying: keep all electrical wires secured and out of reach of pets.

Toys –Most dogs will instinctively “attack their prey”.  Much like their wolf ancestors, they are finishing off their kill.  Small parts, such as the squeaker and the stuffing, are hazardous to the stomach!  If your dog is “killing” his toys, consider Nylar bones, hard-plastic Kongs or Antler chewz.

As always, your dog’s safety is our first priority.  Their happiness is our goal!




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