In home pet care and pills

In home pet care and pills


If you’ve had to administer pills at some point, you might appreciate the challenge when Fido doesn’t cooperate.

Assuming your Vet has given you the “paws up” to include pills with food, consider these staples to wrap around the pill:


Little pat of butter
Cheese or cream cheese
Peanut butter (all natural/creamy)
Hot dog or Bologna
Pill Pockets
Soft Bread
Canned pet food or lunch meat

More sneaky tricks:  provide a few treats (without the pill in them), then give him the one with the pill inside, followed immediately by another normal treat.

If your dog loves to fetch, try tossing them in the air to make a game of it.  If possible, serve the pills around mealtimes when your dog is most hungry.

If you have tried everything (to no avail), consult with your Veterinarian for other options.  There may be chewable or flavored liquid forms available…or a spoon full of sugar?  (just kidding)….




photo credit: allpetsanimalhospital.org

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