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Google analysts report that search trends have skyrocketed for “24/7” services and we want major convenience evidenced by the frequent use of key words “near me” when browsing online.

While it’s almost impossible to find 24/7 resources in any industry, we can expect door-to-door delivery of desired provisions. Pet owners can now subscribe to speedy assistance when it comes to their pet’s health, via in-home or UPS delivery of veterinarian-related lab work.

Affordable Pet Labs (APL) offers a modern approach to Pet Diagnostics that puts pet parents in charge of their pet’s care. APL sends two highly skilled team members (veterinary technicians) for in-home testing to collect lab samples in the comfort of the pet’s home.

These in-home services include lab tests for general health assessment, disease and medication tracking, pre-anesthetic testing and senior or annual blood tests, for dogs and cats. Regular lab work is essential in keeping your dog and cat healthy, so APL has made it super easy and convenient. And very affordable!

They also provide easy-to-use fecal and urine analysis test kits that can be mailed to your home for fast and convenient monitoring. Turn-around time is typically 24-48 hours.

Affordable Pet Labs uses nationally respected veterinary reference labs and there are no hidden charges. An inclusive and complete price list, along with test options, are fully disclosed on their website @ https://affordablepetlabs.com/

Doolittle’s Doghouse clients will receive a 15% discount on all APL services! Use the promo code: Doolittle’s when ordering.

Affordable Pet Labs is dedicated to helping pet parents keep their animals healthy and comfortable by offering laboratory diagnostics in your home. Affordable Pet Labs does not interpret, diagnose or make recommendations based on results. With Affordable Pet Labs, your pet’s health data allows you to be a partner with your family veterinarian to make better decisions for your pet’s wellbeing.


Pet care in the home


Doolittle’s Doghouse cares about the health and welfare of your pets.  We’re excited to feature another valuable resource to our beloved clients and pet owners.  As always, be safe, healthy and happy!




photo attribution: cute Yorkie by Sam Lion on pexels