Summer is here which means travel plans, backyard barbeques &  pool parties, and all kinds of fun-in-the-sun activities.  For those of you planning to include your furry kids in the fray, be especially careful about those nasty pests that live
and prey on your dogs and cats!

Fleas and ticks are just plain gross and require YEAR-ROUND
care and prevention.  These nasty bugs have special sensory systems they use to detect a potential host.

Fleas can spread bacterial diseases and cause flea allergy dermatitis.  This is not fun for Fido and will result in excessive itching, hot spots and hair loss. Flea
infestation, without intervention, can actually cause anemia in dogs.

Oh!  And they don’t mind jumping on humans either!  Fleas do not discriminate when it comes to their blood lust.

Fleas are more likely to be found in temperate climates (65-80 degrees) and in highly humid areas, so be especially careful this summer if you are traveling to states that qualify (weather wise) and guard your dog
(and cat) YEAR ROUND when local temps drop again.

Ticks are a threat to our pets across the US.  While Arizonans may not be as concerned about Rocky Mountain spotted fever or Lyme disease, it will be an issue if you are planning to travel (with your pet) to mountainous areas.

NOTE:  In 2014, the CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps predict higher-than-normal levels for Oregon and Washington, west of the Cascades, as well as Upstate New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Indiana.

Please check your pets regularly, especially after being outdoors.

Consider using a flea comb and drown any fleas in soapy water, along with regular grooming, bathing and brushing.

Ask your Veterinarian about which preventive products are safest to use.  Use only EPA- or FDA-registered products and closely follow the label instructions.

Interestingly enough, the EPA issued a warning last year, about “spot-on” pesticide products. The advisory was based on an alarming increase in reported adverse reactions–from mild skin irritation to seizures and death.

If you choose a topical solution, make sure it reaches the skin and not just the topcoat.

For those who want a more holistic, natural approach, consider Dr.
Karen Becker’s Natural Flea and Tick Defense product.  It is a very unique blend of natural oils (Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Sesame, Castor oil and purified water).  The formula is adopted from natural elements found in the Amazon Rainforest, where natives have dealt with pest problems for centuries!  You can find this product @


Best wishes for safe and happy travels this summer!

Tori and the Doolittle’s Doghouse Nannies

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