Many of your important questions are listed below
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If you are boarding with us, we host in our private homes, townhomes, condos or apartments.

Regardless of the size of our own home, WE DO NOT KEEP OUR GUESTS IN CAGES OR KENNELS. The only exception would be puppies that are in crate-training mode; we want to maintain your dog’s protocols in every manner possible.

While a more mature dog may favor his crate at home, we have found that they don’t want to retreat to their “den” when with us. If you wish to bring their crate, great! We’ll leave the crate door open as an option.

Absolutely! We always recommend a brief meet and greet in advance. A 30-45 minute “Yappy Hour” together is necessary to ensure comfort and compatibility for all; especially if our recommended nanny owns a dog (or cat).

When well-mannered and socialized dogs meet, the interaction is normally playful and joyful.

Remember that your dog(s) will sense in you whether or not it’s o.k. to approach another dog. If you are confident and comfortable, they will be too!

Be prepared to share important details about your dog, such as likes/dislikes, dietary needs or restrictions, existing health conditions (if any), your Vet information, your contact information and an Emergency Contact person.

Any special needs, including medications, are easily accommodated. Please provide detailed instructions regarding medication schedules, with a sufficient supply of both medicine and food for their stay-cation with us.

Doolittle’s Doghouse offers nannies both with and without pets. If you know that your dog is anti-social, or aren’t sure, please request a pet-free nanny.

All guests have complete, constant and supervised access to a secure backyard, patio or greenbelt path for walks and all the potty breaks needed.

Doolittle’s Doghouse nannies are NOT employed outside of the home. Our guests receive constant love, attention and supervision. We are never gone longer than 4 hours to tend to personal affairs. Nighttime supervision is guaranteed.

We provide daily texts and/or e-mails to keep our Parents updated throughout their dog’s stay.

Yes! Your dog(s) should arrive with plenty of food and treats to last throughout their stay. Special meals (i.e. cooked foods or raw diets) should be prepared in advance and individually packaged prior to arrival. If your dog(s) has food allergies or is on a strict diet, please share those details with your nanny during the "meet and greet".

Our nannies’ doors are open 7 days a week, including evenings, weekends and holidays. You arrange with your nanny a mutually convenient time for your dog(s) arrival and departure. We recommend a timeframe (for boarding) of 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Daycare is typically 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

For late night check-outs for our boarders, you may take advantage of our “no charge for check-outs before noon” offer and pick up the next morning for free.

Tips & gratuities are encouraged, though optional and discretionary.

For families with multiple pets and/or those pets who are more comfortable in their own environment, we have nannies that can move into your home. See our "Services" and "In Your Home Care" tabs for details.

Still have questions? Please bark at us @ 480-907-6400