Mother’s Day was extra special for Chris Smith this year. After a sixty day separation necessitated by Smith’s move to Hawaii, Doolittle’s Doghouse helped reunite the former Arizona resident with her two dogs, Brownie and Blackie, on May 12, one day before Mother’s Day.

While preparing to move from Arizona to Hawaii to be with her son and grandchild in March of this year, Chris Smith learned that her dogs would be required to undergo a 120-day rabies quarantine period before entering Hawaii. Smith faced a 60-day lag period between her scheduled move and her dogs’ release from quarantine. That’s when she contacted Doolittle’s Doghouse, a local pet-sitting service that offers cage-free pet care in the comfort of a dog nannies home.

Smith told Doolittle’s Doghouse that she would need not just boarding for her pets, but also help making the airline reservation, obtaining health documentation from the veterinarian, and delivering Brownie and Blackie to the San Diego airport for their flight to Hawaii.

“Doolittle’s Doghouse jumped at the opportunity to help Chris, Brownie, and Blackie,” said owner Tori Levitt. “We are a network of in-their-home dog nannies. Dogs move in with our nannies and are treated like family. We are not your average doggie hotel and provided the perfect solution to Chris’s dilemna!”

After an initial consultation, Smith arranged for Brownie and Blackie to move into the home of Dale and Jamee Balvin, one of the Doolittle’s Doghouse nanny families. Because the flight to Hawaii could not be booked more than thirty days in advance, the Balvins agreed to secure the reservation for Brownie and Blackie after Smith’s move. They also handled a follow-up vet visit for Brownie and Blackie to obtain a Health Certificate, Hawaiian DOA-approved flea and tick treatment, and a letter from the vet stating that the dogs could fly. The Balvins personally undertook the six-hour drive to the San Diego airport on May 11 in order to ensure the safe arrival of Brownie and Blackie.

A few hours later, on May 12, Chris Smith met Brownie and Blackie at the airport. Because Doolittle’s Doghouse had already made the sure the paperwork was in order, the dogs were released to join their family—just in time for Mother’s Day.

About Doolittle’s Doghouse: Doolittle’s Doghouse provides a loving and affordable alternative to pet kennels. The pets move in with a loving nanny and given all the comfort of a home environment, in the private residence of a Doolittle’s host family. Each pet receives cage-free accommodations, daily walks, flexible mealtimes, and plenty of love. Doolittle’s Doghouse also offers pet-sitting in the owner’s residence (if that’s in the best interest of the pet), doggie daycare extended stay care and pet taxi services.

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