As a tourist, I have enjoyed New York’s public transit on all levels – easy-to-hail cab rides, local buses with no shortage of routes, and of course the subway; where anything goes- literally.

The MTA recently placed restrictions on non-service dogs by requiring that they be contained in a carrier or bag when riding the subway. For small dog owners, carrying a pooch in a purse is an easy ticket if not double the fun. However, big dog owners have an added challenge when it comes to finding suitable “cargo containers” for their furry mates.

A well-ventilated kennel or soft-sided carrier with a shoulder strap is the obvious solution, provided your pet isn’t stressed by it and won’t annoy the passengers with undue vocalization or frantic behavior. If a dog becomes spooked by the loud rush of the trains, you want to be sure he can’t escape the commotion, so must be securely restrained at all times. The underground humidity and temperatures should be a factor to consider and if overly oppressive, skip it.

Interestingly, there is no weight limit beyond how much you can handle as you enter and exit the subway stairs and navigate the quickly-moving sliding doors and skinny aisles once on board.

While all of this makes sense for New Yorkers wishing to ride the subway with their dogs, big or small, the ingenuity of these big dog lovers and their creative solutions to getting Fido on the subway are worth a look and giggle:

Photo credits:
Above “Beagle in a bag” tweeted by Christian@meanboysclub
Image of dog on man’s back found @ icepop.com

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