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Summer is around the corner, and as you prepare for the end-of-school and family travel, please plan in advance for pet care as well. If you cannot take your dog with you, you have a few options to consider: kennel or private sitter?

According to Pet Place, more than 30 million pet owners utilize kennels within the United States and Canada annually.

Kennels range from strip-mall locations to off-site acreage with added “chi chi”, such as soft beds, televisions, Mozart music and extra pillows.

Only you know your dog and what works best for your pet! An advance tour is a must, along with cost considerations for the extras.

All pet resorts should be properly sanitized against contagious diseases, with good air circulation. Take a close look at the other dogs in residence while you tour. They should appear happy, healthy and well supervised by sufficient, knowledgeable staff.

Indoor/outdoor play areas should be available as well as frequent access to potty places. Some resorts may charge more for extra potty breaks and “playtime” with other dogs or staff members.

Most kennels require a bevy of vaccinations, such as flea & tick treatments, bordatella, and leptospirosis, in addition to the requisite Rabies and Parvo/Distemper. The latter vaccination has an incubation period of 2 weeks, so make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations well in advance.

Separation anxiety is common. If your dog is uber attached to you, and not used to being boarded, the added stress of a kennel environment may promote a lack of appetite, nervousness, or increased whining or barking. Be sure to ask how these situations are managed by staff if a dog appears distressed.

Cage-free boarding is another option and popping up with greater frequency than in years past.

You might consider hiring a pet sitter to host in their home or yours.

Choosing a qualified pet-care provider should involve diligence and advance planning on your part.

Ask your Veterinarian, groomer or pet store for references. Go on-line and read YELP reviews then schedule a personal interview that includes your pets. Be sure to ask about commercial pet insurance, association memberships, pet-care experience and back-up plans if your sitter is suddenly unavailable.

A qualified pet sitter will ask salient questions about your pets and their every need, quirk, routines, name and location of your family Vet, underlying medical conditions (if any) and overall expectations of both you and your dogs.

Doolittle’s Doghouse offers a network of loving nannies who host dogs in their private homes.

Our nannies are carefully interviewed and fully vetted following in-home interviews, reference and background checks, adherence to company procedures and cannot be employed elsewhere in a “9-5” capacity. We cater to the individual needs and personalities of each furry guest, ensuring constant companionship, supervision, and that daily diet and exercise protocols are met.

We also have a special team of “Mary Puppins” nannies who have the flexibility and talent to move into your home as well. Some dogs do best in their own home, including those with very special needs. With a move-in nanny, your dogs are well cared for and your home is kept secure with minor household chores included.

Your dog is your child and deserves to be treated like a family member. We want and deliver only the best for you and your furry kids.

Happy tails always,



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