I’m so lonely! Where is everybody?

It’s Back-to- School which marks the end of summer vacations and halcyon days as kids return to rigid schedules, homework and after-school events that take time and attention away from your dogs.

This time of year is academically stressful for pets as their human companions adjust their routines.

Pet Parents should be acutely aware of the depressing effect on dogs that are used to constant attention and activity and now face an empty household while the kids are in school and Mom and Dad shuttle between before and after-school events. At this transitional time, it’s important to pay close attention to your dog’s feelings — he loves you and will miss you when you are not around. Be particularly aware of his reaction to your new schedule: listlessness, excessive panting, anxiousness, or other unusual and “new” behaviors are your cues to focus on Fido while considering our tips for “back-to-school- boredom- busters” below:

(1). Enroll your dog in doggie day-care or enlist a pet sitter or dog walker to break up the day with fun activity and mental stimulation.  Special classes are offered by our recommended Pet Trainers under Resources @ https://doolittlesdoghouse.com/shop. Or call Doolittle’s Doghouse to arrange a dog play-date with one of our nannies!

(2). Consider the Pet Cube camera as an option to keep an eye on your dog when you’re not at home.  The Pet Cube camera has interactive capability and allows you to observe your dog at home when you’re not.  The Pet Cube Camera is also on our site for purchase, via direct link @ https://doolittlesdoghouse.com/shop/

(3). Leave an old t-shirt or other personal item lying around for your dog to sniff and remember you while you are temporarily away.

(4). Provide daily exercise for your dog.  If it’s too hot to go for a walk, play a short game of fetch in the back yard or invest in fun entertainment toys, such as food puzzles or treat-filled Kongs, to hide throughout the house, creating a treasure hunt for your furry friend.

(5). Leave the blinds and shutters OPEN so your dog has a view of outdoor activity in the neighborhood.

(6). Bring your dog with you and the kids to the bus stop or in the car so they can participate in both the departure and return of loved ones. Better yet, bring them to the after-school “field” events if they can handle the stimulation in a calm manner.

(7). Turn on the TV or radio if you have to leave him/her home alone.

(8). Incorporate new and fun routines for all the kids such as a trip to the drive-through at McDonald’s, Starbucks or local Ice Cream Store for a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy (including you!).

Stay the course, yet be mindful of every “child” in the home and what they need to be successful and happy during the upcoming school year!

Best wishes for happy tails always,

photo attribution: woofandwag-leyland.co.uk

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